The USFL and Football For a Buck with Jeff Pearlman | From the 55 Yard Line

Scott and Greg put on their parachute pants and fire up the Commodore 64 as they sit down with prolific sports author Jeff Pearlman to talk about the United States Football League and stories from his book, “Football for a Buck,” about the wild times of a league that left us way to soon and whose impact has gone beyond the field and with us still today, be it in the form of an attempted coup or the two point conversion.

We do discuss, albeit briefly, the topic of the new Fox Sports league coming in 2022 that is planning on using the USFL’s logos and names. During the conversation Scott represented his Birmingham Stallions, and Greg his Chicago Blitz, as Jeff tells tales of a league that, had the owners not listened to one thinned skinned man and foolishly sued the NFL and put a drunk Howard Cosell on the witness stand, at least a few of the teams might still be around today, except for teams like definitely neither the New Jersey Generals or “the Gunslingers of San Antoin…”

The book, as Jeff tells it, was inspired by a high school term paper project, which goes to show that no matter our age, football truly is a sport that keeps all of us fans forever young.

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