The ELF Announces an All-Star Game – Feat. Barcelona Dragons WR Mario Flores and CFL Insider Justin Dunk

On this edition of Gridiron Gallery, we jump back in for dual conversations in the ELF and CFL for announcements, rumors, and previews aplenty!

The ELF announces an All-Star game for the end of its season as the league stars will face a US National Team! Zach breaks down the details. He also is joined by Barcelona Dragons WR Mario Flores to talk his playing career, the Dragons fandom, team struggles, and more!

Zach also touches on the CFL as rumors have begun to swirl that the Toronto Argonauts may look to leave for the XFL in 2023. Justin Dunk from 3 DownNation joins the show to talk on this point, the conclusion of the CFL/XFL talks, previewing the 2021 season, and more! This is an overstuffed show you don’t want to miss!

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