LIVE Reaction to the USFL Playoffs | USFL Podcast #63

We’re less than a week until SummerStock II and now we know who will be battling in the USFL Championship!

Join the gang for a very special LIVE episode of The USFL Podcast where they break down all the action from the USFL Playoffs and look forward to the USFL Championship!!

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  1. Zach Keilman may be the biggest joke in the USFL press. At least Stefan knows he is a fan and to be honest is a very good ambassador to the game. Zach, unfortunately, tries to persuade people to his side and cannot even when he is wrong. Mike Riley has literally been coaching football years more than Zach Keilman has been alive. Zach said last year that De’andre Johnson was the better quarterback than Luis Perez. I remember he commented that De’andre Johnson was being overlooked and questioned it. Luis Perez went on to lead the league in passing. He signed with the XFL team and turned around a team that was floundering into league champs. I have never heard Zach say that he got that wrong. Btw, Zach, he won coach of the year. I still haven’t heard that you apologize. Instead this year you have doubled-down and stated that Mike Riley has jerked De’andre Johnson around. Because someone doesn’t do what you want and by the way you already proved yourself wrong, you instead say worse things and continue to pile on. You are a whining baby. “He didn’t do what I told him to do”. Well this year he did what you told him to do and while the Maulers/Generals was a game, DJ was 5-14 with very little yardage and 1 pick by that time. Did you provide his numbers in the review of the Generals, vs Maulers game? No, because that would not have supported what you wanted to say about the game. I feel bad for your future wife. You say things incorrectly and don’t apologize when you do. Even when you are proven wrong, you double down,and now triple down. Instead you talk about them jerking around Trey Williams, when you really have no idea of what is happening. By the way Kingston Davis did well in his place. You don’t talk about the play of the most important position on the team. You hide from it because you were wrong. I believe that DJ has very good ability even watching his tapes before he was drafted. Now, last year EVERY USFL team passed on him in the draft. More than half passed on him twice. EVERY NFL team passed on him and when Luis Perez signed with the XFL. Note all those teams passed on him too. The announcers even stated how this will be a tough comeback because the Generals weren’t built to pass. He is the QB. The one person who passes more than anyone else. That really means that Mike Riley has been so good with building his offense that he fooled you into thinking De’andre Johnson was better than he was. You talk about offensive players not getting the same touches. The #1 reason for that is because De’andre Johnson to date has not sustained drives. He is largely big play or turned over on downs. You really have to look in the mirror and question yourself on this. I have seen every one of your podcasts, but I am done. You act like a child and really don’t know the game that well. I hope you can look inwards and allow for yourself to be a better human being, because doubling down like this and pinning more on Mike Riley is you not looking at your own shortcomings. Btw since this ended, the Maulers defense has been decimated by passing yards. So really can’t say it was because the Maulers have such a great defense. This has shown that good, quality players can get to the Maulers, but De’andre did not. As they say on all those crime shows, would you like to change your story?

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