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Houston Roughnecks Roster Breakdown | Rough Em Up Podcast

In this roster deepdive, I will be breaking down the STACKED running back room of the Houston Roughnecks! If it isn’t clear after this video, the Roughnecks may have some of the most talented running backs in ALL of the UFL…

See for yourself in this latest edition of the Rough ‘Em Up Podcast!

  1. Just a little more help for the Roughneck Podcast. Last year the Gamblers (current Roughnecks squad) had an awesome running game. The the. GM Morris (I can’t think of his first name.) put together a great offensive line. It was so good, in fact, that two linemen who were cut went on to become starters for two other teams. All this and their running was awesome no matter who was running the ball. With the uncertainty of this year they had gotten down to 3 offensive lineman so the new GM had to really build a line. The interesting thing is that in 2022 they did not have a good line, but Mark Thompson ran hard and made it very uncomfortable for opposing teams linebackers and secondary. Not sure what the line will look like, but he should bring it regardless. The one thing I would look out for is not respecting their receiver group. Justin Hall was one of the top 3 receivers in the USFL. Anthony Ratliff-Williams and Teo Redding are very capable as well. I expect there to be another signing for a another receiver as well. To me their production will be based on playcalling and quarterback play. Also remember how both the USFL & XFL use the clock so there will be less plays than the NFL per game. The one thing that can be said about this league is there will be great competition, so it will be an adventure.

  2. They also have Isiah Hennie and Cyril Grayson and don’t forget Isaiah Zuber currently listed as Cornerback

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