Continental Collaboration – XFL and CFL Start Talking Alignment w/ James Harden and Stephan Rachuk

On this edition of the Gridiron Gallery, we have quite the packed show. We’re talking the bombshell news involving the XFL and CFL starting preliminary collaboration talks.

Zach discusses one-on-one with XFL Newsroom insider and site owner Stephan ‘The Referee’ Rachuk on the possibilities and implications of this potential collaboration.

Zach also interviews James Harden of the Wild Aces (Fan Controlled Football) to discuss his tremendous journey to the league and the experience of the league in general. This is a jam-packed episode you don’t want to miss!

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  1. Any merger between the CFL and the, would be a disaster CFL! Why would the CFL merge with a two-time XFL? Dwayne Johnson was a great professional wrestler an action movie star but there was no way that he can make the XFL a success as anything other than a minor league operations similar to the old Continental football league or the Atlantic Coast football league. The Canadian football league is also walking in culture icon and anyone who is the Commissioner CFL who brings about the demise of the league by attempting this merger will go down in history as Canada’s Benedict Arnold be aware of Mr. AMBROSE!

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