Jordan Ta’amu Praises the XFL For Providing Opportunities

Jordan Ta’amu Signed to Panthers — PJ Walker Added to COVID List

The Carolina Panthers have placed three more players on the COVID-19 list, putting them at 13 total as they prepare for Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

Yesterday we learned that former Houston Roughnecks quarterback PJ Walker was one of the players COVID-19 list, putting him on the sidelines until protocols are completed.

Well, it looks like the Panthers were impressed with his XFL skills, because they’re leaning on another former XFL star to give them some depth at QB.

The franchise announced earlier that they have signed former St. Louis BattleHawks quarterback Jordan Ta’amu.

Ta’amu isn’t the only former BattleHawks star coming on board. Kenny Robinson is also coming along for the ride.

It’s unlikely that we see Ta’amu in the game this Sunday, but anything is possible with him on the roster.

We love seeing these former XFL guys getting a spot on an NFL roster, and really shows the power on spring football.

At the moment the XFL is working towards a 2023 return, and it’s expected that we get news on broadcast partners and location in the next couple months. Although nothing is confirmed at the moment, it was just yesterday that former BattleHawks guard Bruno Reagan took to Twitter to tell the world that the BattleHawks were back.

We also now have the USFL in the mix, needless to say, there’s going to be a lot more opportunities for these guys to make a team, and for these leagues to build more stars.

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