XFL2k is now AAF2k

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) just finished up the eighth week of their inaugural season  and we here at XFL2k have come to the realization that the writing is on the wall. The XFL can not compete with the AAF, sorry it had to be said. We are now switching our allegiance to the dynamic duo of Charlie Ebersol and Tom Dundon as they take Spring Football to heights never seen before.

We’ve watched on the sidelines as the AAF has beat the XFL to market. They have maintained great ratings for a start-up league, and it’s already started to attract bigger names in Manziel. Not to mention, the AAF has a partnership with the NFL Network, so we should see NFL caliber players in the AAF any day now. Don’t believe the hype, the AAF is here to stay and we want to jump on the bandwagon.

From here on out we can be found at AAF2k.com. You will still be able to reach the site via XFL2k.com as we make our transition. Let’s kick off April the right way; AAF all day, everyday.