XFL Vegas Vipers Need Stadium

XFL Vegas Vipers Still Without An Official Home

After a long and anticipated wait for the XFL’s new teams and logos, fans were treated to those reveals this past Monday. The XFL introduced the Vegas Vipers, hitting the gridiron with the rest of the league in February.

However, the team is facing a major issue. Currently, there is no football field for them to play on in the Las Vegas area. Every XFL franchise has a venue, except for the Vipers. While a few months still remain before kickoff, with each passing day, it becomes increasingly complicated.

Let’s take a look at what stadiums can and cannot work, and what the future might hold for the Vegas Vipers.

Allegiant Stadium

First up – Allegiant Stadium; home of the Las Vegas Raiders. At first glance, one might assume that this is the obvious choice. This isn’t exactly the case, however. Allegiant is far too expensive – and – far too big, for spring football. It’s pretty clear at this point that the XFL is aware of this, and is not pursuing any type of deal with the stadium that we know of.

The problem that Allegiant would present is the capacity-to-crowd ratio. We saw what Metlife looked like in 2020 with the New York Guardians. If the XFL wants to put their best foot forward on TV, a smaller venue is certainly the way to go.

Sam Boyd Stadium

Without knowing the details, Sam Boyd seems like the perfect fit for the Vipers. The Las Vegas Outlaws (from the XFL in 2001) played at Sam Boyd, so the XFL already has connections there dating back a couple of decades.

Unfortunately, the stadium cannot be used in any capacity. A no-compete clause between UNLV and Allegiant Stadium prevents the venue from hosting events. As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be any workarounds the XFL could leverage. It would take a miracle to get the Vipers in Sam Boyd in 2023, and a miracle might just be what the league needs.

Las Vegas Ballpark

The lone baseball field in Las Vegas seems to be off limits, as well. According to Don Logan, President of the Las Vegas Aviators, the field cannot be transformed into a football stadium. Logan said that “It doesn’t fit here”. The ballpark has a capacity of 10,000 people. While being on the smaller side, it could potentially work for the XFL if they decide to push in that direction. However, Don recommended that the league go a completely different route: Cashman.

Cashman Field

The final opportunity for the Vipers resides in Cashman Field. The baseball-turned-soccer field is not ideal, but desperate times call for desperate measures. As of right now, the venue can hold over 12,000 people. That being said, the design makes for an interesting view on TV.

With its L-shaped seating arrangement, there is room for awkwardness during broadcasts. There is a solution, though. If the XFL is able to renovate some extra seating to go fully around the stadium, the problem would be solved. On top of that, adding 5,000-8,000 seats would allow for larger crowds. The better the product is on TV, the more successful the XFL will be.

Another concern is the Las Vegas Lights FC team. The soccer organization uses Cashman beginning in March, which would obviously clash with the XFL’s schedule. This is another factor to keep an eye on as the league moves closer to making a decision.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the XFL could be in some serious trouble, if this doesn’t get sorted out soon. Since they went ahead and released branding, the league has to stick with Vegas. It’s going to be tough sledding to figure out where to play, but we’re trusting that the XFL’s impressive leadership will get the job done in proper timing.

Where do you think the Vegas Vipers should play in 2023? Which venue offers the best assets to both the XFL and ESPN? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. That NO COMPETE CLAUSE is STUPID! Sam Boyd would be perfect for a stadium that isn’t being used. Otherwise, Alligiant Stadium can do what it does for REBELS games and use the lower levels, and keep the upper decks empty. There’s an easy solution for this problem. #MyOpinion!

  2. “It’s going to be tough sledding to figure out where to play, but we’re trusting that the XFL’s impressive leadership will get the job done in proper timing.”

    Nope, ‘Blue Chipper’ Rocky Maivia screwed up by placing a team in RAIDERS territory! The majority of Raider fans don’t root for a second team. Would love it if the Las Vegas Lights said no to the Vipers too! Imagine having to play all your games on the road like the Los Angeles Buccaneers 100 years ago!
    Hopefully, this mistake will be relocated in 2024.

    Las Vegas Vipers=Arizona Coyotes

  3. XFL probably should have placed this team in a place like Portland OR or Phoenix/Tempe area where the costs are less and facilities are readily available.
    Vegas looks good on paper but if not using the Raiders home and Sam Boyd is out . . .

  4. Cashman would work..the stands full looks best on TV…but there are plenty of indoor arenas around for now if needing to go that route…can’t wait to watch!!

  5. I think that the legislature should enact a legislative ban on non-compete clauses for stadiums in which they could allow smaller events or less popular teams to play in older stadiums. I think for a spring football league, UNLV’s Sam Boyd Stadium would be perfect size for something like the XFL. It is not like they compete with the raiders because the scheduling of being in the spring where the raiders play in the fall. This would also free the baseball stadiums for the baseball season in which they are most used which is in the spring..

  6. Another idea would be to consider San Diego as an alternative market. San Diego lost the Chargers but they now have built a brand new Stadium called Snapdragon Stadium, which is owned by San Diego State University. It holds 35,000 seats. You could inquire about this option if Vegas does not pan out.

  7. So Allegiant Stadium is “too big” for the XFL but still works for UNLV Football?? This is all BS!! This issue would be quickly resolved if The Rock and ESPN open their checkbooks and PAY the rent at Allegiant Stadium!! Plenty of smaller games have taken place there like MSL League Cup & East VS West Shrine Bowl. UNLV only averages 15k to 18k per game. If the XFL doesn’t believe it can draw at least that many fans then they will fold just like they did 2000 & 2020!!

  8. I agree!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous that AllegiAnce thinks there’s any kind of competition. Give me a break. That’s why I can’t stand the NFL anymore. Too big for their britches. There is no way the XFL playing at Sam Boyd hinders or competes with the Raiders and Allegiance.
    FU – Raiders, NFL, and Allgiance!!!

  9. It’s not Allegiant stadiums fault or NFLs fault. The Rock wants the XFL tickets to be cheap so that more fans will show up and have a larger turnout than before seasons. To have the games there at Allegiant means higher ticket prices per seat being filled and less fans. That is why they don’t pick up a NFL stadium like Allegiant or Snapdragon. Plus the Rock put the team here due to how massive a mix of fan potential it an create and that him and his ex wife business partner loved this pla e from their Wrestling days here. At least that’s what I got from researching the XFL website.

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