XFL Draft Set for Nov 16 According to Anthony Becht

XFL Vegas Head Coach Says Team Names and Logos Coming Next Week

Last week we reported that XFL team names and logos were to be announced in the next few weeks. Fast forward to today, and it looks like we have further confirmation.

XFL Las Vegas head coach Rod Woodson joined the Pat McAfee Show earlier today where he dropped some major details on the timing.

During his interview, Woodson stated that XFL team names and logos would be revealed next week. Although he didn’t specify an actual date, it sounds like it’s right around the corner.

In regards to the Vegas franchise, Woodson said “we gotta nice name, and I think we have the best uniforms in the league”. He also mentioned that the Vegas team would be named after something dangerous.

It’s been rumored that the new XFL team names would be a mix of new and old. Some have speculated that with Vegas returning to the XFL, we could see a reemergance of the Las Vegas Outlaws; a team that we haven’t seen since 2001.

XFL St. Louis head coach Anthony Becht is also on record of saying that he heard the XFL team names and logos would be announced in September or October. With the XFL Draft reportedly set for November 16th, this is one of the major news drops fans have been waiting for.

We’ll keep you posted as more news on the XFL return as it comes in.

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