XFL Updates Careers Page — New Listings Coming Soon

XFL Updates Careers Page — New Listings Coming Soon

Earlier today the XFL made their first hires under their new ownership group bringing on nine executives.

Last month is was revealed that Jeffrey Pollack would be stepping down and President and CEO, and the league didn’t take any time filling his role.

Former Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon has been tapped to join the XFL as its league President. In total the XFL announced nine new-hires, which includes many faces returning to the league. Doug Whaley is coming back in as Senior Vice President of Football Operations. He’ll report to Marc Ross who spent 11 years with the New York Giants.

Also returning to the XFL is Janet Duch, Scott Harniman and Jordan Sclacther. Notably, former ESPN executive Jay Rothman has officially joined the league as well. Earlier this year in one of Dany Garcia’s XFL teases, we say that Rothman was consulting with the league. This is a huge get for the XFL, with FOX now in the spring football business, Rothman’s ties to ESPN will definitely come in handy.

When the XFL issued its press release, they also made a few adjustments to its website. First we reported that the league had shuttered its online shop, leaving a message that the XFL Show will return in 2022.

Now that the ice has been broken, it looks as if the XFL is preparing to start hiring some more folks. The XFL careers page has been updated today with a new message and a link to their listings on LinkedIn.


The XFL is a fan-first, fast-paced professional football league with innovative rules and in-game access.  Our team is hard at work building the foundation to provide players a new opportunity to play the game of football and fans a highly entertaining experience when we return to the field in 2023.  For the latest job postings and career opportunities, please click here.

If you follow the link you’ll see that there’s no openings at the moment, but states “There are no open job posts for your company right now”.

Leading up to todays announcement, the website said that career information was coming soon and that recruitment had not yet begun.

Now that we have a few hires under the belt for the new league, it looks like they’re ready to start ramping up.

The XFL is set to return in 2023, so there’s a lot of spots to fill in between now and then. If you’re interested in working for the XFL, you may just want to go ahead and bookmark that page.

What former XFL staff members would you like to see return to the XFL? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.