XFL TV Deals expected to be announced soon

XFL TV Deals expected to be announced soon

Earlier this year Vince McMahon made a very bold decision when he announced to the world that the XFL will be returning in 2020.

According to Vince, the XFL is going to be very different this time around, and the game of football is set to be reimagined by the league.

McMahon has put Oliver Luck in charge as CEO, and Luck recently confirmed all of the cities which will be hosting teams during a press conference.

There are still many questions regarding the new XFL which need to be answered, including whether or not it will be airing on TV.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the XFL is expected to announce a television deal within weeks.

It was noted that with sports channels needing live programming, it shouldn’t be very hard for the league to get a deal, but it will be far more difficult for the XFL to get ratings that it was back in 2001. The success or failure of the league will likely depend on the revenue the XFL gets from TV or streaming deals.

Head coaches and star quarterbacks for each team are also expected to be announced early next year.

Current plans call for the league to sign eight star quarterbacks at around $250,000 to $300,000 per year and then start promoting them in their local markets.