XFL Workouts To Be Held Weekly

XFL Training Camp Rosters Are Now Set at 70 Players

Last week XFL players from all over the country traveled to Arlington, TX to participate in training camp. This is the first time that coaches will have a chance to work with their teams in the leadup to the 2023 season.

Just now, the XFL communications team released a statement noting that “XFL training camp rosters are now set at 70 players”.

Additionally, it states that updated rosters are also now available on the team pages on XFL.com.

Leading up to this release, accurate rosters were a pain point for many fans hoping to keep track of their favorite teams. Since the XFL Draft we’ve seen a  few high-profile players decide to stay in the USFL for their season 2 campaign, rather than make the jump.

At the conclusion of training camp, rosters will be trimmed down from 70 to 50 players going into the season.

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