Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

XFL Trademarks ‘XFL Showcase’ & ‘Inside the XFL Trenches’

Week 3 just wrapped up for the XFL and so far the action has been solid so far. Just not too long ago, the league announced that the XFL Championship would be held in Houston. Even before the announcement had been made fans had wondered what the league would call their championship game. Would it just be the XFL Championship?

Today, the league has filed three new trademarks, ‘Inside the XFL Trenches’, ‘XFL Showcase and ‘The XFL Showcase’.

XFL TrademarksAt this time, it’s hard to say what these will be used for or if they’ll be used at all. If you ask me though, The XFL Showcase sounds like a perfect name for their version of the Super Bowl.

Alternatively, these could be potential names for some un-announced XFL programming. Looking at the trademark details, there’s not many clues that lead us in any direction. All three are labeled as ‘Goods and Services’, with the following description:

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services in the nature of professional football games and exhibitions; providing sports and entertainment information via a global computer network, mobile applications, commercial on-line computer service or by cable, satellite, television and radio; arranging and conducting athletic competitions, namely, professional football games; production and distribution of radio and television programs in the field of sports; entertainment services in the nature of live shows featuring football games, organizing live exhibitions, competitions, and live musical and dance performances; sporting activities, namely, football skills competitions and football showcases; distribution of television programming to cable and satellite television systems; distribution of television programs for others; entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games; football fan club services; providing a web site featuring sports news and entertainment news; Entertainment services in the nature of a fantasy football game; mail order, on-line retail store services and mail order catalog services, all featuring general consumer merchandise related to sports and sports teams

With tickets reportedly going on sale for the Championship game next month, I’m sure we’ll have our answer one way or another. Regardless, it’s always exciting to see new things come out of the league, we still have plenty of season in front of us and we can’t wait to see what these filings lead to.