Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

XFL to Have At Least One Woman on Each Officiating Crew

A few months ago, before we knew Dean Blandino would be head of officiating, he stated in an interview that that the XFL would strive to create a diverse officiating crew.

We’re trying to create more opportunities for female officials and minority officials. The XFL is going to be a showcase for officials all over the country to get more looks and potentially have the NFL look at them. So, we’re going to put together an inclusive staff.

It seems Blandino is a man of his word. Football Zebras is reporting that there will be at least one female on each of the officiating crews. The AAF also tried to lead the charge, starting the season with three female officials. The XFL has essentially doubled that number.


Football Zebras also gives us some insight on who these officials are.

  • Maia Chaka – Line Judge
  • LaShell Nelson Side Judge (Conference USA)
  • Robin DeLorenzo – Line Judge
  • Amanda Sauer-Cook – Center Judge (Big Ten officiating consortium)
  • Sebrina Brunson – Field Judge
  • Tangela Mitchell – Head Line Judge (Southwestern Athletic Conference)
  • Terri Valenti – Replay Booth (NFL replay official)

Overall this a great move by the XFL. If I were a betting man (and I am), I would expect to see a lot of these women transition into the NFL as vacancies become available next season. Once again proving the XFL is a great launching pad for careers from all aspects of the game.