XFL team names when? We're hearing next week!

XFL team names when? We’re hearing next week!

July is officially over, and we still haven’t learned what the XFL team names or logos are going to be yet. As we originally reported back in May, it looks like the identities are coming in August. Luckily, it may be sooner than you imagine.

We’re hearing from numerous sources that wish to remain anonymous that the announcement is coming sometime next week. We already know the potential names for Seattle, but the speculation is about to come to a close.

Fans across the internet have become anxious and frustrated due to the lack of information around the topic. Originally, it was said that team name’s would be announced in May, then June, then July; and no announcements ever came. We had heard at the June Jones press conference that there was a possibility that the announcement would be delayed until August. No official reason was given, but we suspect it was to ensure that the league had the right marketing folks on hand.

There’s no guarantee that we will hear something next week, but we have some solid leads that we will. It would make sense that the new league would want to announce prior to the start of the NFL pre-season. Although no specific dates were announced, we’re thinking Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s possible we may see some leaks prior to the official announcement, so stay tuned. Let us know what you think down in the comments, or join the conversation on the XFL Newsroom Discord.