XFL Surveys Fans on Upcoming App

With the official rule book reportedly coming next week, there’s still one thing on XFL fans minds. Is there going to be an app. We know the league was planning on having an app, but we still don’t know what that will look like. Well, we may be getting a better idea of the direction the league will be heading.

Earlier today via the XFL’s Football Advisory Network, the league issued a survey on it’s upcoming mobile app. It starts out by asking what your favorite sports app is, what your favorite features are and if you’d like the XFL to offer an app. It then turns it’s focus on what you’d like to see from an XFL app. It also compiles a list of scenarios in which that app could be used and asks fans to state how useful they’d be. List of features include Stadium Information, Game Highlights, Fantasy & Betting, Local Watch Parties, Q&A’s and more…

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