More XFL Draft details emerge after initial invites go out

XFL Supplemental Draft reportedly taking place Nov 22

Last month the XFL held it’s first draft for the new league, and the 2020 season. We have heard multiple rumors on the number of the drafts the league plans on conducting, but we knew that we had at least one more supplemental drafts in the works.

We had heard that the supplemental draft would take place sometime in November and possibly a third on in December. We now have sources telling us that the next draft is right around the corner on Friday, November 22.

We’re still waiting on an official announcement from the league, so there are still some unknown details. Will this be streamed? Will it follow a phase system? What time will it start? How many players are being picked? With the 22nd being so soon I’m thinking we’ll hear more details soon.

We’ve also seen the league tease uniforms for November, stating “near Thanksgiving”, which matches the profile of this event. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.