XFL starts filling PR and Communications Roles

XFL starts filling PR and Communications Roles

A very important part of every business is having a great PR and Communications department, and The XFL is showing that they understand this. We’re hearing that the XFL has started filling key PR and Communications roles within the organization.

First, we have Brentan Debysingh joining on as league communications manager. Debysingh has previously worked for the Miami Heat, New York Giants and New York Jets.

For Seattle, Jim Christman will be joining on as head of communications for XFL Seattle. Christman is a veteran when it comes to communications, joining the league after 16 years with the Chicago Bears in the same role.

Last, but not least, we have Michael Preston joining XFL DC as head of communications. For the last 11 years Preston has been leading public relations for the Philadelphia 76ers, as well as spending time with the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Heat.