XFL team names when? We're hearing next week!

XFL Season Ticket Selection Starts September 25th

Today XFL franchises sent notices with more information on season tickets. According to the emails, season ticket depositors will be able to select their seats starting September 25th:

The selection process will run until 9/25 at 5pm online with 24 hour a day access once your appointment day and time starts.

A lot of fans have been wondering when this information is coming, as well as the specific pricing. Although noting is solid yet, it seems that tickets will be as low as $25 and high as $100 for regular seating. This does not include club seating, or the speculated sideline seating we discussed last week. The 25th is right around the corner, so we should know the specifics soon enough.

Below you can see a copy of the email that came from the Houston Roughnecks: