XFL Reveals Secondary Logos for All Eight Teams

XFL Reveals Secondary Logos for All Eight Teams

Just now, the XFL has officially revealed secondary logos for all eight teams.

Now, fans that have been following the league closely may have already seen these. Shortly after the league revealed their primary team logos, ESPN had accidentally shared an image that appeared to show all of the secondary logos as well.

There was some speculation that they weren’t quite final, but it turns out the only difference was the San Antonio Brahmas alternative logo.

Among the mix is the return of the original Renegades logo from the 2020 season.

Arlington Renegades

Arlington Renegades | Secondary Logo

First up is the city that is serving as the XFL’s HQ this time around; Arlington. Although they didn’t stick with the Renegades logo from 2020, the team will be adopting it as their alternative logo.

DC Defenders

DC Defenders | Secondary Logo

Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks | Secondary Logo

Orlando Guardians

Orlando Guardians | Secondary Logo

San Antonio Brahmas

San Antonio Brahmas | Secondary Logo

Of all of the secondary XFL logos that leaked initially, this is the only change we’re seeing. Originally, the league was looking to use a stylized ‘B’ with horns, but have adopted an Alamo themed alternative instead.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Seattle Sea Dragons | Secondary Logo

St. Louis BattleHawks

St. Louis BattleHawks | Secondary Logo

Vegas Vipers

Vegas Vipers | Secondary Logo

The Vipers were around in 2020, but with the move out west they’re receiving a new treatment. Now using red and black, the league made some adjustments to the main logo, but not straying too far off from what we had before.

Now, the secondary logo is pretty interesting. At first glance it may seem just like the letters ‘LV’, but it seems to be a throwback to 2001 when the XFL had the Outlaws in Vegas.

Las Vegas Outlaws Logo


If you were hoping to get your hands on new merch, there’s good news. The league has added new shirts for each team and their secondary logo on the XFL Shop.

The league is rapidly approaching their Feb ’23 return, so we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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