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XFL Reportedly Contacts The Dome in St. Louis — No Deal In Place Yet

When the XFL kicked off in 2020 there was one team that had a fan advantage going into the season; the St. Louis BattleHawks. St. Louis was the only XFL city that didn’t also host an NFL franchise. The St. Louis fans showed the league they wanted football, ultimately leading the XFL in attendance.

In fact, the BattleHawks were on pace to have over 50,000 fans in attendance for its week 7 matchup against the Los Angeles Wildcats. Unfortunately, COVID shut the world down and forced the XFL to cancel their inaugural season.

The XFL now has a new ownership group and are working towards a Feb 18, 2023 return. Naturally, many expect that St. Louis should be in the mix when the league hits the field again.

We’ve even heard rumors from former BattleHawks guard Bruno Regan stating that the franchise will be back in St. Louis. Well, it seems we may have some more news on that front.

Stemming from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talking about his role in the new XFL during Monday Night Football, Martin Kilcoyne (Sports Director FOX 2 St. Louis) wrote that the league has reached out to officials at The Dome.

Kilcoyne clarifies that a agreement is still not in place, but it shows that the XFL is actively trying to get back in to certain markets.

Wrapping up 2021 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joined CNBC where he shed some details on when we may learn more about the XFL’s return. In which he mentioned that new team names/cities and broadcast partners should be revealed early in 2022.

Then, he re-affirmed that when he joined Eli & Peyton Manning during Monday Night Football where he mentioned that news should be coming in the next 2-3 weeks.

Although we don’t know the full plans for the XFL return timeline, it does at minimum seem that they’re interested in staying in St. Louis.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out in regards to the 2023 return of the XFL, so stay tuned for more.

What other cities would you like to see the XFL keep in 2023? Where would you like to see them relocate? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. Good. Capitalize on the USFL’s fatal mistake of too many NFL cities by targeting at least six places that doesn’t have NFL teams.

    XFL West:
    San Francisco Demons (no Santa Clara this time)
    San Diego Fleet (or Lightning)
    Salt Lake Mountaineers
    San Antonio Commanders (or Oilers, take that Houston!)

    XFL East:
    St. Louis BattleHawks
    Chicago Enforcers (…th times the charm for a replacement team for the Chicago Cardinals, right?)
    Louisville Robins
    Orlando Apollos (or Rage if you can’t acquire AAF names)

  2. Honestly I would like to see them move into markets that are large enough to support an NFL team but hasn’t been given an honest go at getting one (or have lost theirs) Oakland, San Diego, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City to name a few all of these markets could support a team but for what ever reason do not have one. Looking back many of these NFL markets still didn’t preform as well (attendance wise) as the non NFL markets. Saint Louis did awesome I’m almost positive San Diego and Oakland would preform just as well (and they both have stadiums ready)… San Antonio has proven to be able to support football (Saints during Katrina as well as AAF) and they also have a stadium ready.

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