Details Emerging Regarding A Potential USFL-XFL Merger

XFL Registers Trademark for ‘UFL’ and ‘United Football League’

Late last month FOX registered a trademark for ‘National Spring Football League’ and ‘NSFL’, leading to rumors that it could become the name of the combined USFL/XFL league. This, of course, would be if the two parties officially agree to merge.

On that note, it seems as if we’re closer than ever to the XFL joining forces with the USFL. With the paperwork filed, it’s really only a matter of regulatory approvals at this point.

In an interesting twist, the XFL registered a trademark this week for ‘UFL’ and ‘United Football League’.

Even more interesting is that UFL was one of the names originally up for considertation in 2018 when Vince McMahon first started the process of getting back into the football business.

Taking it a step further, Josh Gerben comments that The filings are made in a way that suggests this is likely the name of the merged XFL and USFL.”

If the name sounds familiar, it was also used back in 2009 and went on to play four seasons. This UFL would have no connection to the new league, should they choose to adopt that name.

It seems every day there’s a new twist in the merger between the XFL and USFL, but it definitely feels like we’re getting close.

If the two leagues make it official, which name would you like to see them use? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.