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XFL Promo Airs During Monday Night Football on EPSN

We’re roughly two months out from when the XFL plans to return to the field. It’s been a long road here, but things are finally coming together for the new ownership group.

While fans wait for the Vegas Vipers statium and full schedule to drop, the league has aired the first promo for the upcoming season. More importatnly, that ad aired during tonights Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.

The promo shows clips from the 2020 season, mixed in with footage of the Summer Showcases and new owners.

It was about this time last year when FOX first started airing advertisements for the USFL during their NFL coverage. Not it seems that ESPN is following in the footsteps.

Unlike 2020 the XFL has some big competition this time around, and although they aren’t going head to head there’s still a battle ahead of them.

The USFL is currently gearing up for their second season with promos of their own. The Super Bowl is set to be broadcast on FOX, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the USFL promoted in one way shape or form.

The XFL is kicking off February 18th, 2023 and with ESPN pushing promos, we expect to see more until the NFL season wraps up.

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