XFL Players Vote Against Unionizing

XFL Players Vote Against Unionizing

Last year it was big news when it was announced that USFL players we’re looking to form a union. On January 9th it was unanimously voted in by the members of the the United Football Players Association (UFPA), and later ratified by the league.

The vote ultimately saw a rise in player compensation. Active players went from $4,500 per week to $5,350, which is nearly a 19% increase. Inactive players went up to $2,500 per week, up from %1,500/week (66.6% increase).

Additionally, all players would also receive $400/week in housing stipend.

When news started making the rounds that the United Steelworkers were looking to form a union in the XFL, it was expected to pass as well.

But, today the vote was released and it was ultimately show down by the XFL players.

This is definitely surprising news for many spring football fans. Generally, there is a positive sentimernt around forming unions for these smaller leagues. In fact, the UFPA was formed following the demise of the 2020 iteration of the XFL.

In contrast to the USFL, where the vote was unanimous; the XFL voted 124 to 73 against following suit.

The XFL is set to close out their season this week, then it’s on the the playoffs and Championship.

In regards to why they voted agianst it, it seems they want to weigh their options.

San Antonio Brahmas kicker Parker Romo even eludes to partnering with the NFLPA.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the situation.

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