XFL open to hiring female announcers

XFL open to hiring female announcers

We’ve already heard that the XFL would be looking to hire female officials, now we’re hearing something similar for the booth. Front Office Sports caught up with XFL President and CFO Jeffrey Pollack and asked if we may see a female in the broadcast booth.

“We want the best broadcast teams possible and, of course, we’d welcome women in the booth,” Jeffrey Pollack, the XFL’s president and chief operating officer. “What matters to us is talent, a love of football, and passion for the XFL. Gender should have nothing to do with it.”

The XFL estimates there’s a target market of 38 million fans, irregardless of gender, who have an interest in spring football. The NFL has previously that 45% of its fanbase is female. The new league is planning to work hard to attract female football fans in particular, Pollack said.

“We’re going to be reaching out to new fans, and female fans, in new ways,” said Pollack. “We want to bring as many people into this great game as we can, but our initial focus is existing football fans who want more.”

Oliver Luck has said the league will mostly leave casting and production decisions up to its broadcast. Again, according to FOS, both networks have confirmed they are considering full-time female announcers; but have both mentioned that the casting process is still in its infancy.

“Our folks are looking at everything,” said an ESPN spokesman. “They want to be as smart and innovative as possible. All ideas and approaches are on the table, including commentator decisions.”

A spokesman for Fox said the network is open to using any talented broadcasters who are “passionate” about the game of football and the new XFL.