XFL Officially Confirms 2023 Kickoff in Statement on CFL Talks

XFL Officially Confirms 2023 Kickoff in Statement on CFL Talks

Earlier today the CFL put out a statement saying that they had completed discussions with the XFL. Although the talks went well, the two jointly agreed to work separately for now. Some are ecstatic, while others are wishing they could have seen what mixture of rules would look like.

When the discussions were originally announced back in March, the XFL has placed their 2022 season on hold until they knew the outcome. As year went on, many had come to the conclusion that it would be difficult for the XFL to target 2022 without the CFL.

Now that the discussions are complete, many quickly asked; when is the XFL returning? Well, the XFL has now put out a statement of their own that covers that subject; but it may not be the answer you want to hear.

While our discussions with the CFL did not ultimately lead to a collaboration, the effort reinforced our belief and commitment to developing the XFL for international spring football. We look forward to seeing everyone for kickoff in spring of 2023.”

The XFL has also updated the banners across its social media channels to announce the 2023 kickoff.

XFL 2023

While many were hoping the XFL would hit the field in 2022, realistically it’s better for the league to wait. The one thing the last iteration of the XFL did right was take their time. This new ownership groups has the same approach. If the league rushes into 2022, it could be the final nail in the coffin if it doesn’t succeed.

Not to mention, the XFL has a new competitor in the spring with the announcement that the USFL would be airing on FOX spring of 2022.

Between Dany Garcia and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, we’ve heard hints that the league is looking to expand beyond just football. They have eluded to trying to setup year-wide broadcasting in the form of reality shows and news programs.

With the anniversary of the league’s sale around the corner, we expect to get some more news soon.

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