Which XFL Coaches Should the League Bring Back?

XFL Officially Announces Eight New Head Coaches For 2023 Season

The XFL has finally been making public moves as of late, with their most recent being the announcement of head coaches for the 2023 season. This is great news, and puts the league one step closer to their resurrection.

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, co-owners of the XFL, went on ESPN this Wednesday morning to make the announcement.

Bob Stoops is the only hired coach to have previously worked with the XFL, coaching the Dallas Renegades in 2020. The rest are brand new. Wade Phillips is a big name for the league to grab, being an NFL coach for many years – and winning a super bowl with the Denver Broncos.

Reggie Barlow, Hines Ward, Rod Woodson, Terrell Buckley, Anthony Becht, and Jim Haslett top off the final six. As of right now, neither coach has been assigned to a city/team quite yet. This is because the league has not officially announced which teams will be returning.

As the weeks and months continue to roll by, we should expect plenty more announcements coming. With several excellent head coaches, the XFL is certainly in good shape moving forward into their return.

Are you excited to see these coaches in the XFL? Which hires are your favorites? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I like the coaches. I like the Broadcast presentation, I like the cities.
    Hope the Outlaws return for Las Vegas or maybe the Vegas Wildcats
    Wish they acquired the Commanders from the AAF or maybe its gonna be the San Antonio Defenders.
    Glad to see the Vipers in Orlando

    What I don’t like is the breadcrumbing of News & the new Logo 2020 Brand didn’t need fixing.
    a True Good Brand never needs to change NFL USFL Nike Adidas Packers NBA

  2. I am more irritated than hyped at this point. I was thrilled when Johnson, Garcia, and Redbird Capital bought the league. I am sure the trickle of info is meant to be suspenseful, but it feels like the league is on life support and more of an afterthought among their many other business concerns. The hiring of coaches is great, but I will be excited when there is a regular release of info/effort by the league to actually engage fans again instead of a tidbit to provide proof of life everytime I think the league has died a quiet death.

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