Some XFL Team Names Potentially Leak Prior To Announcement

XFL Official Reveals New Logo and Video Package For Upcoming Season

Two days ago the XFL updated their website to display a countdown timer set to go off April 6th at 12pm ET.

A day later, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared a video from the XFL which shows the old logo being turned into dust. Additionally, eagle eyed fans noticed that he had also tagged AC/DC, which led fans to speculate if it was a reference to “Back in Black”.

One thing seemed evident, the XFL was most likely going through a rebranding and would receive a new logo along with the updated look and feel.

XFL Insider and XFL Newsroom staff member Jake Henry stumbled upon the new XFL logo and hype video last night, but to his credit did not want to spoil it for the league and the fans.

It was inevitable that it would leak, and thanks to Seth Lessans on Twitter, we had our first look at the new XFL logo.

With the logo leaked early, all eyes were on the XFL socials to see if any more information would be coming down the pike.

As the timer ran out, the league socials shared a hype video for the upcoming season with narrations from Dany Garcia and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Shortly after the XFL website was refreshed with the new branding. Although the menu has a link for a shop, upon clicking it still shows the coming soon message with the old logo.

If you were hoping to scoop up some new XFL merch today, it looks like you’ll need to wait a little longer.

It seems that this is the only news that the league is dropping for now, but with a new look and direction in the mix we expect to hear more soon.

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