XFL Newsroom Has Rebranded! Say Hello to CFL Newsroom, eh!

XFL Newsroom Has Rebranded! Say Hello to CFL Newsroom, eh!

Early last month we learned of the blockbuster news that the CFL would be exploring opportunities for alignment with the new XFL ownership group. Since then, XFL Newsroom has been in business discussions of their own. Shortly after the news broke, the XFL Newsroom ownership group has been in heavy talks with a major Canadian media conglomerate to acquire the rights to all XFL Newsroom assets.

After many social distanced business conversations and many more plates of poutine, a deal was struck to re-brand as CFL Newsroom.

Stephan ‘The Referee’ Rachuk will still maintain his position with the re-branded CFL Newsroom, but is excited about the future:

Growing up in Detroit, I was a stones-throw away from Canada. We here at XF… er.. CFL Newsroom look forward to bringing you the latest in 3-down football and more. Plus, the money didn’t hurt…

Wait!? Nobody told me I’d be paid in Canadian dollars!

With the XFL’s 2021 season up in the air, this seemed like a perfect time to make the switch. The XFL captured our imaginations last year, but this year the CFL captured out hearts.

What will a CFL/XFL partnership look like? Will the leagues merge? Will they skip it altogether? Who knows?

The only thing we can tell you is that we’re kicking off April the right way with this announcement, you’d be a fool not to love it.