What the XFL Will Miss Due to Oliver Luck’s Absence

XFL Lawsuit: No Settlement Reached In Vince McMahon vs. Oliver Luck

Earlier this week we reported that there was a settlement hearing for the trial between former XFL owner Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck.

For those who are unaware of the conditions behind the trial, Luck sued McMahon, Alpha, and WWE back in April of 2020 after the XFL folded. The suit claims Vince McMahon wrongfully terminated his contract days before the league filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. McMahon and Alpha Entertainment countered by saying that Luck violated his contract and was insubordinate, which gave McMahon reason to fire him and ended their obligation to pay the rest of his contract.

Needless to say, this has been an ugly battle and it hasn’t even really begun.

According to PWInsider, representatives for the two parties met for over five hours according to court records without any sign of resolution. Without a resolution, the trial will now head to court later this year on July 11th.

Most XFL fans we’ve interacted with are on Team Luck and are hoping to see him paid what he feels he’s owed from the former XFL owner.

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