XFL Launches Football Advisory Network For All Fans

A while back we reported that the XFL had officially launched their Football Advisory Network for season ticket holders; today the league has put out a press release with some more details and open access for all fans.


Stamford, Conn., Nov. 18, 2019 – Today the XFL officially kicks off the Football Advisory Network (F.A.N.) — a digital community that gives football fans who love the sport an interactive platform to share their feedback and have their opinions heard on all aspects of America’s #1 game and the new league.

Through participation in surveys, polls, and discussions on a variety of on-and off-the-field topics, members of the F.A.N. community will help the XFL design its fan experience and shape its game. Football fans can visit xfl.com/football-advisory-network to enroll, join the conversations and learn more.

“We love the game of football and we want what our fans want,” said Jeffrey Pollack, XFL President and COO. “The XFL is a league that listens, and the Football Advisory Network is an important platform that enables our direct connection to fans who share our love of football. This national panel will help us listen and learn from football fans in each of our eight markets and across the country.”

In addition to participating in discussions and sharing opinions, members of the F.A.N. community will have exclusive access to special content, giveaways, events and more.

Over the past four weeks, founding XFL Season Ticket Members have already started to participate in the F.A.N. and identify key areas of the game they want the league to focus on, including ticket affordability, seat value, and on-field game day experiences. In one poll question asking “If you were named commissioner of a professional football league tomorrow, would you change anything about the game or fan experience,” 90 percent of respondents said yes and, specifically, 54 percent of fans said they would make changes to the rules of the game and the in-stadium experience.

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  1. “The XFL is a league that listens”

    Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s a good one, seeing that Vince doesn’t even listen to WWE fans! Remember, he’s very unlikely to stay hands-off forever. However the one thing that might work in the XFL’s favor is that the XFL is WWF 1997, and the NFL is WCW 1997. In other words, Vince was STRONG ARMED to listen to the WWF fans due to WCW slaughtering the WWF so badly in 1996, that they were in serious financial trouble. The XFL’s first order of business is to open up dem wallets and start signing a couple of TOP NOTCH NFL free agents and college graduates. That’s how the USFL thrived at first until Donald Trump made the big mistake of going after the NFL in the courtroom.

  2. The single DUMBEST thing the XFL could do is trying to compete with the NFL. Vince has money, but even he doesn’t have the money the NFL does. Then combine the net worth of every NFL owner, and Vince has no chance. The best thing the XFL can do is to just stay afloat, since every spring league has died. If the XFL can reach the 4 year mark, they just might be able to survive long term.

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