XFL Reportedly To Announce Houston as Host of Championship Game

XFL Issues Statement on Houston Roughnecks Future at TDECU Stadium

Earlier this week we reported that the XFL may be shopping alternative venues for the Houston Roughnecks for next season. We mentioned that we expected the team to stay in Houston, and that Rice Stadium was among the venues that have been contacted.

At the time of the report it was unclear on the leagues motivations, but XFL CEO & President Russ Brandon put out a statement on the matter today to shed some more light.

It looks as if the upcoming renovations to TDECU Stadium could impact the availability during their 2024 campaign.

The XFL is working with the University of Houston to determine the availability of TDECU Stadium for our games in 2024 as the building undergoes renovations. If we determine that the stadium is unavailable to accommodate our home dates, we will find a new home in the area for the coming season. The XFL loves Houston, and the Roughneck Nation loves the XFL. We aren’t going anywhere!”

At the moment, it looks like the league is still hopeful that they can play in TDECU in 2024, but are currently assessing the situation to ensure everything goes smooth.

The good news out of this, the XFL is not planning on relocating the Roughnecks. We’ve reported that the league has already reached out to Rice Stadium, so they’re already working on a backup plan if it comes down to that.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on the XFL’s plans for the Houston Roughnecks in season 2.

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