Brian Michael Cooper holding another Q&A for XFL Houston

XFL Houston announces Team Name celebration

Yesterday it was revealed that XFL St. Louis Team President Kurt Hunzeker would be holding a Fan Appreciation Party tomorrow to celebrate the XFL Team Names. We are just no receiving word that XFL Houston will be hosting an event as well.

Tomorrow night starting at 6pm Team President Brian Michael Cooper, QB Coach Dan Morrison and DB Coach Derrius Bell will be holding a celebration of their own. Head down to Christian’s Tailgate (5114 Kirby Dr) tomorrow to take place in the historic event.

XFL Houston Team Name Celebration

A lot of fans have been anticipating the team identities, and we’re less than one day away from learning what they will be. The league put out a teaser video filled with clues to hold us over. Let us know what you think the names will be! Leave a comment down below, join the conversation on Discord or try out our brand new forum.