XFL getting more TV interest than expected

XFL getting more TV interest than expected

The XFL’s 2020 re-launch will see a lot of changes to the company from their first run. They are distancing themselves from the old version of the company and one of those things is the fact that they most likely won’t be back on NBC. After all, that was a deal brokered a long time ago, but you never know where they could end up. There is reportedly great interest from broadcasters to pick up the XFL reboot.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is far more interest in the XFL than first thought. They expect to announce their broadcast agreements in the next few weeks.

XFL is going to present live sports programming which is very high in demand right now. Since football is viewed more favorably than any other sport by stations this puts the XFL in a much better position.

The XFL’s rival, the AAF, has claimed it will have $650 million in funding and Vince McMahon hasn’t committed nearly as much, the belief is the XFL will be stronger because the league is running in bigger markets, and will pay players better.

Another difference between the two leagues is that the XFL will be signing players to long term exclusive contracts, the AAF has told players that while they can’t leave for a league like the XFL, they can leave if they get an offer from the NFL.

Coaches for the XFL teams are currently being interviewed, and quarterbacks are reportedly being offered $300,000.

The current idea is to have eight star quarterbacks signed by March so that they can start marketing the coaches and the quarterbacks to the local markets.