XFL Football Cards Coming March 2020 — Produced by Topps

XFL Football Cards Coming March 2020 — Produced by Topps

We’re right around the corner from XFL kickoff and one thing people have still been wondering about is trading cards. Topps had produced the set for the Alliance of American Football, who folded prior to completing the season. Well, the good news is it looks like they will be working with the much more stable XFL.

According to CardboardConnection.com, Topps will create a 200 card set for the league and is set to be released in March of 2020.

The card set will include 200 players and head coaches from the eight XFL teams. Each pack of XFL cards will consist of basic player cards. One in six-packs will include a special “Stars Of The XFL” card. Each box of cards will include three autographed cards.

The XFL Topps set heavily parallels the set released for the AAF. The cards share the same design and photo placement but offer different color schemes based on the teams.

At the moment these is no other information on pricing, specific release date or retail locations. A lot of fans have reported purchasing the Alliance set at Target and Walmart, we think this is a safe bet for this new series as well. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.