XFL Files Trademark for LA Wildcats

XFL Files Trademark for LA Wildcats

The Los Angeles Wildcats were one of the teams that got lost in the shuffle between 2020 and 2023. When Dany Garcia, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and RedBird Capital purchased the league out of bankruptcy they put their own touch on the product. Beyond updating the logos, the XFL opted against playing in LA for the leagues third reboot.

Although the Wildcats didn’t boast the best attendance in 2020, there were still a lot of vocal fans angry that their team wouldn’t be returning.

Well, it looks like there may be a possibility that we haven’t heard the last from the Wildcats. Thanks to SDem from the PFN Discord, we were alereted that the XFL is making moves. Earlier this week XFL Properties LLC filed a new trademark for the LA Wildcats.

XFL Files Trademark for LA Wildcats

This by no means confirms that the XFL is headed back to Los Angeles. In fact, it could just be a case of the league trying to lock down as many of their previous intelectual properties for future use; think throwback merch or expansion.

That being said, it was rumored that the XFL inteded to play in LA under the new ownership group, but the team ended up in Las Vegas instead. The Vipers are locked into Cashman Field, so we wouldn’t expect a move there quite yet.

There have been talks of the Houston Roughnecks moving from TDECU Stadium for 2024, but at the moment it seems they would still stay in the area. At the time of publication, there is nothing concrete but Rice Stadium has been mentioned a few times.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on season 2 of the XFL.

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