XFL Fantasy Announcement Coming 'Early' Next Week

XFL Fantasy Announcement Coming ‘Early’ Next Week


So far we’ve seen a few XFL fantasy options popup. We have Alt Fantasy Sports and DraftKings, but fans have been hoping for a bigger name to jump into the traditional fantasy market for the league.

Thanks to @MaxScouts on Twitter for sending this into us. Oliver Luck joined The Fast Line on ESPN 101 to talk about the upcoming BattleHawks season. During the end of the interview Commissioner Luck touches on fantasy, very briefly at least.

We have a couple big announcements coming early next week in terms of fantasy football on the XFL platform. Using our stats and our players, etc.

This is huge and great news. We still don’t know if this announcement will involve a partner or if this will be an in-house solution. Possibly using the upcoming XFL app. If I were to make a guess, I would say the latter is more likely, but it sounds like we’ll know early next week.