XFL Draft Set for Nov 16 According to Anthony Becht

XFL Draft Slated for Early-October is Reportedly Shelved

It seems that all anyone can talk about now-a-days is the news that the USFL and XFL may be joining forces. Although the leagues put out a joint statement announcing their intent to merge, things are business as usual until the deal closes. This is fairly common in the business world, until the deal is complete the two are technically still competitors.

Both the USFL and XFL sent letters to their players, staff and season ticket holders letting them know about the talks and that more news would be coming when available.

The USFL is currently heading into free agency this Sunday, with 80+ players free to make the jump to another USFL team if the option is there.

On the XFL side of things, it looks like the upcoming draft slated for October 4th may not be taking place. Michael Lathrop of the “Player 54 Podcast” reports that he’s hearing that the draft is being shelved.

The draft was supposidly set to kickoff a string of events to promote the upcoming XFL season. This could be a sign that the looming deal with FOX and the USFL is closer than some had anticipated.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on XFL season 2 or their potential merger with the USFL.

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