More XFL Draft details emerge after initial invites go out

XFL Draft reportedly taking place October 15-16

We have spoken a lot about the upcoming XFL Draft. In fact, we actually have stated that the draft would occur October 15-16, and it turns out we were correct. We already know that each team will draft 70 players each, which will be narrowed down to 52 man rosters (46 players active per game).

Once the draft wraps up, each player will attend a 16-day mini-camp starting December 3rd. As we’ve discussed in the past, this will be followed by a full pre-season/training camp that will be housed out of Houston staring January 4th.

After all of the training camps have completed all players will report to their respective cities January 22 to prepare for kickoff!

We’ve also learned a little more on Team 9. It looks like that will consist of 40 active players. As we’ve discussed in the past, Team 9 will be used to supplement the rest of the teams during the season in case of injury. Stay up with all the latest confirmed invites with our XFL Draft Tracker.

You can see the full letter below via XFLBoard:

XFL Draft Letter