XFL Comments on End of Houston/Seattle Game

XFL Comments on End of Houston/Seattle Game

Week 5 of the 2020 XFL season kicked off yesterday, but it was not without controversy. The Houston Roughnecks ultimately defeated the Seattle Dragons 32-23 by running out the clock in the fourth quarter. But… fans watching the game noticed a huge missed call. When PJ Walker kneeled on fourth down, the clock should have stopped with 2 seconds left.

Although it would have difficult for the Dragons to come back, they would have been able to get one play off. With the new point rules in the XFL, Seattle would have been able to tie the game if they secured a touchdown and completed a 3-point conversion. By the time the league noticed, it was too late and the game was over keeping the Houston Roughnecks undefeated at 5-0.

The XFL has since commented on the situation acknowledging the error and announcing that Wes Booker, who served as Officiating Supervisor for the match-up has been re-assigned.

This is a big blow for the Seattle Dragons, but you have to give credit to the XFL for commenting on the situation and having swift action to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future. We’re just about halfway through the season, and this is probably the biggest game-ending controversy so far.

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