XFL Co-Owner Dany Garcia Shares Image Potentially Showing New XFL Game Ball

XFL Co-Owner Dany Garcia Shares Image Potentially Showing New XFL Game Ball

Last week the new XFL ownership group to strategize around the new USFL. Shortly after, they met with all of the new head coaches and Dean Blandino to discuss the upcoming season and ruleset. The meeting took place in Arlington, TX and since then it has been announced that Texas will serve as HQ for the XFL in 2023.

It’s been speculated that the league may use a similar hub approach as what we’ve seen with the USFL. But, we’ve also heard reports that the league is hoping to have teams in multiple markets when they return.

Along with the new ownership group, the XFL received a new logo and branding with their new message.

XFL co-owner Dany Garcia has been known to drop leaks on Instagram, dropping a lot of fun nuggets along the way.

Well, it looks like Garcia has another one for us. Earlier today she shared a photo from last weeks XFL leadership meeting showing what seems to be the new XFL game ball.

In 2020, the XFL had a game ball for each team. It was definitely a nice twist, but for a new group that may be looking to cut costs it may be a little over the top.

The game ball shown in Garcia’s post is much closer to a traditional football. No flash, just the new XFL logo stamped on the side.

Now that the XFL has their head coaches in place and scouts out recruiting, the league will be moving towards their combines this summer. We’ve still yet to learn if the XFL will be holding open tryouts, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Two big items fans have been waiting for are where the teams are going to land and how we’ll be able to watch the new XFL.

On the location front, former Roughnecks head coach June Jones updated his Twitter bio last week, in which he stated he was joining on as OC for the XFL Seattle franchise. He has since updated the bio to remove this reference, but that all but confirms the return. With Bob Stoops returning, and the leadership group meeting in Arlington, it’s safe bet to say that Dallas is in the mix.

Broadcast wise, it seems that the XFL and ESPN already have a very close relationship. It’s also been said that Disney (ABC/ESPN) may even be interested in purchasing part of the rebooted league. This wouldn’t be too dissimilar that what we’ve seen with FOX and the USFL. Will they pull the trigger? I’m sure we’ll learn soon enough.

The XFL is definitely marching towards their 2023 return, and we expect to start hearing more and more news as the season gets closer.

Do you think that the game ball that’s show is what we’ll see in the XFL next year? Do you like it? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.