XFL and Indoor Football League Looking to Potentially Team Up

XFL and Indoor Football League Looking to Potentially Team Up

Is the Indoor Football League the latest football entity to be teaming up with the XFL? Kathy Treankler, Co-Owner of the Indoor Football League’s Green Bay Blizzard, is saying that is the case.

In the latest episode of  “Strictly Blizzness”, a video podcast series produced for the Green Bay Blizzard’s official YouTube page, Treankler revealed that the Indoor Football League has discussed and appears to be moving forward with plans to team up with the XFL on multiple fronts. The move, according to Treankler, appears to be keen on player retention from players moving up to either the XFL or USFL.

In a quote from the episode of “Strictly Blizzness”, the IFL sided with the XFL.

So in working with the rest of the IFL owners, and having our guys pilfered (by other leagues), we thought let’s team up or try to assimilate with one of those two (leagues), and we’ve picked the XFL to join not necessarily a partnership but to let guys go back and forth between the two.”

In the world of the arena and indoor football, it is a common practice to allow players to circumvent their contracts with league teams if they are given an opportunity to sign with higher-ranking professional leagues like the NFL and CFL. Treankler implies that the league is looking to build a pipeline in which players from the IFL can move up to the XFL, and if they happen to be cut from an XFL team they would have their rights instantly retained to join the IFL team they were previously on. Treankler states:

Just some really cool stuff for the players, so when they’re done with the XFL they have the right to come back to us and then visa versa.”

Both the XFL and IFL, as Treakler states, are looking to have coaches from each league present at future select combined events. Details on these events as well as other portions of this team-up are expected to be revealed on the IFL’s website in the near future.

So the XFL will be working on some things. You’ll be seeing that on the IFL website in the not-too-distant future. There will be combines that will have both sets of coaches both XFL and IFL coaches.”

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