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WWE Employee Jumps to the XFL

The XFL no-longer has any financial connections to the WWE, but still we’re seeing an employee jump from one brand to the other.

WWE NXT star, Xyon Quinn took to Instagram to share that WWE Strength & Conditioning Coach Sean Hayes is jumping to the XFL.

The former Harvard Crimson linebacker was a member of the Houston Texans coaching staff before joining the WWE in 2016. WWE.com spoke with Hayes about the similarity between working at the WWE Performance Center and working with the Houston Texans.

The philosophy stays the same,” said Hayes. “They’re high-caliber, elite athletes who are on their two feet, whether it’s on a football field or in a 20-by-20 ring. They have tons of stressors in their lives. Instead of game days, Superstars have live events and pay-per-views. It’s very similar parallels. That’s the reason I wanted to attack this because I knew it wasn’t going to be something foreign. It was going to be a very smooth transition.”

As noted, The Rock spoke about the NFL and XFL connections back in July during Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“The NFL has an Alumni Academy, that if you don’t roster throughout the NFL season, you automatically get a contract to go to the XFL, to play there,” said Rock.

The XFL is currently ramping up towards their February 2023 return, and this is just another peice of the puzzle.