Winston Moss named Head Coach/GM of XFL Los Angeles

Winston Moss named Head Coach/GM of XFL Los Angeles

The XFL took a week off from announcing coaches, but the time has finally come to see who will be leading the Los Angeles franchise.

Jeffrey Pollack came out and thanked the crowed and spoke about how great it was to be back in his home market. Pollack mentioned it’s been exactly 90 days since he joined the organization, and said it was a great time to go over some business updates.

  • Four Presidents named so far, with a fifth being named next week
  • Close to head of content and media
  • Yesterdays TV announcement
  • The XFL’s partnership with Elevate for ticketing

President of XFL LA, Heather Brooks-Karatz came out to the stage and update everyone on how the LA franchise is shaping up.

She welcomed everyone to their new team and the new XFL. She has been overwhelmed by the excitement from the LA fan base. The LA fan outreach is reflective of a city that’s eager to embrace a brand new football team, she said. She thanked Vince McMahon, Pollack and Luck for the opportunity to help build the league. Brooks-Karatz then Welcomed CEO and Commissioner, Oliver Luck to the stage.

Luck gave the usual business updates speaking about McMahon’s financial backing, which allows them time to build the league the right way and long term success. He also touched on the XFL’s newly announced TV deals, mentioning that it is a multi-year deal. The XFL TV schedule allows for easy access to view all the games. All games will play back-to-back on ESPN, ABC, Fox or FS1.

Luck spoke of the six coached that have already been hired, then turned his attention to the man of the hour.

  • Four year Letterman at the University of Miami
  • Won 1983 championship with the Miami Hurricanes
  • Solid NFL Linebacker for 11 seasons
  • Played in 155 games
  • Recording 768 tackles and 20 1/2 sacks for Seahawks, Raiders and Buccaneers
  • Started his over two decade coaching career in 1997 when he retired
  • Spent 13 years with The Packers
  • Coached the Packers in their Super Bowl 45 victory over the Steelers

Oliver Luck then announced Winston Moss as the Head Coach/GM of the Los Angeles franchise and welcomed him to the stage.

Moss joined the stage and thanks God for the glory of this moment, and spoke about how excited he is to be back in LA. He thanked the whole XFL organization for their support and especially Oliver Luck for his kind words. He thanked everyone…. except Coach Hayes…. He spoke about hos Hayes used to be one of his greatest nemesis when he played for the Raiders and Hayes for the Chiefs.

Moss is honored to take the next step with the re-born XFL. He went on to say that LA stands for excellence. He again thanks everyone for coming out.

This leaves us with one Head Coach/GM to be announced, and as they say, save the best for last. It looks like we’re going to head the Head Coach for Houston next week, no date has been set, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.