Wild Aces Claim The People's Championship Victory in FCF Finale

Wild Aces Claim The People’s Championship Victory in FCF Finale

The FCF kicked off their inaugural season in early February, and their short season has now come to a close. Fan Controlled Football looked to change the entire game, as it was almost entirely controlled by the fans. They called all the shots, from creating the teams, to making some of the rules, to ultimately calling the plays for their favorite teams.

The league had four teams: the Wild Aces, Glacier Boyz, Zappers, and Beasts. During the season, the Beasts and Zappers looked to be the teams that performed the best, as the Beasts did end with a league best 3-1 record.

However, in the first round of the playoffs, they were upset by the 1-3 Glacier Boyz 38-20. The 2-2 Wild Aces defeated the 2-2 Zappers in a 32-6 blowout, which set the stage for The People’s Championship.

Recap Of The Game

The Glacier Boyz opened up with the football, and struck very quickly. DeAndre Francois found Andrew Jamiel (who was Franchise Tagged), and they took an 8-0 lead:

The Wild Aces swiftly marched down the field, and tied up the game off of Ladarius Galloway’s slick moves:

Throughout the game, we saw quite a bit of those two players. Ladarius Galloway scored a couple more times, as did Andrew Jamiel who was unstoppable – the Wild Aces’ secondary had absolutely no answers for him whatsoever.

However, Jackson “JerdyDude” Erdmann and the Aces were able to pull the game back within one score, as Jerry Houston came down with this ridiculous catch:

In the first week of the playoffs, the Wild Aces’ defense was on absolute lockdown, only allowing 6 points to the powerful Zappers. However, they went into the half trailing 32-20, as the Glacier Boyz were able to do whatever they wanted on offense.

That all changed in the second half. After DeAndre Francois ran it in for a TD, the Glacier Boyz had a 40-26 lead and it seemed like the game was in their hands.

They were wrong. The Wild Aces put together some impressive defensive stops, and didn’t allow a single point for the final 24 minutes of the match.

Ed Crouch, backup QB for the Wild Aces, ended up being the savior for the team down the stretch. The comeback began as Crouch found Elkhanah Dillon on a 35 yard dime, making it a 6 point game:

Karrheem Darrington came away with a huge takeaway, intercepting Francois in the endzone to keep the Wild Aces within striking distance, and they did on their next drive, tying it up at 40.

Once again, the Glacier Boyz marched down, but could not punch it in as David Pindell was stuffed at the two yard line by the Wild Aces’ defense:

The FCF’s Season 1.0 could not have had a more exciting finish. As time continued to roll, the Wild Aces slowly but surely marched the ball down the field and converted when they needed to. With three seconds left on the clock, Ed Crouch called his own number, diving into the endzone for the game winning score as time expired:

Despite being down by 14 points, the Wild Aces were able to complete the comeback, defeating the Glacier Boyz 46-40 in the first ever FCF Championship game.

Season Summary

Generally speaking, the FCF did a lot of things right in their debut season. Streaming on Twitch, while not the traditional way to do things, was a smart idea. It works well for their target audience, and the broadcasts have been decent. The camera angles, and the announcing, could use improvement, along with some of the on screen graphics – but overall, the games were fun to watch.

Also, the design of the app, along with the Twitch plugin to call plays is fantastic. It works seamlessly, and gives the fans plenty of options to choose from during games.

Fan Controlled Football provided some fun gameplay, unique ideas, and impressive talent. The product itself could use some work, but the concept itself is quite good. It will be interesting to see how the league handles Season 2.0, as they are considering adding more teams and changing some elements of the game.

They should be proud of the way they handled introducing this new and unique version of football to fans around the world, and use this first season as a launch pad for the future.

Did you enjoy watching the FCF this season? What did you think of the Championship Game? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!