What a Late February Draft Means For The USFL 2022 Timeline

What a Late February Draft Means For The USFL 2022 Timeline

On New Year’s Day, it was revealed that the USFL will be holding a draft in late February, first reported on by Philly Stars Blog:

After our sources confirmed this story, we now have something set in place for 2022 other than the season’s start date, which is projected to be April 15th.

This now brings up an important question: Where does this draft fit into the USFL’s timeline for 2022?

Well, let’s start with what we’re certain about. Firstly, while not officially announced, Birmingham appears to be the hub city for the USFL’s first season, as all leads and sources have pointed in that direction. We should expect to see this announcement soon.

Secondly, coaches are an important element, and they have to be in place before the draft occurs. With this in mind, we can make the probable assumption that coaches, and at least certain personnel & executives for each team will be announced within the next two months, most likely towards the end of January, or early February.

This allows at least a couple of weeks for coaches to become familiar with team executives and staff, so they can get a solid grip on what they want to do inside their own organizations, before the draft is held at the end of February.

Once teams are fully assembled, they will have about a month to hold training camps before official league play begins in mid April.

This gives each team some time to become familiar with each other, their game plans, and their identities. March will serve as the ramp up month for teams to get ready to play, as the season starts on April 15th.

With nothing being officially announced outside of the season’s starting date, we can only speculate. That being said, all signs are pointing to these announcements and league updates coming at these times, especially with April quickly approaching.

Are you excited for the USFL’s 2022 season? Do you think we will see coaches and staff announced soon? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. Yes I believe it can happen on the time table you have set! There are countless number of Arena and Canadian football players here in houston that would make this a Quality Team in Houston and around the league. I’m sure their are many other cities that are the same. Khalil Williams of the Frisco Fighters (AFL) is one of them!

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