West Texas Desert Hawks (AFL) Name Former NAL Commissioner as Head Coach

West Texas Desert Hawks (AFL) Name Former NAL Commissioner as Head Coach

It seems nearly everyday there’s more information coming out in regards to the 2024 return of the Arena Football League (AFL).

Yesterday it was revealed that the Nashville Kats would be coming back, and they’d also have Jeff Fisher as the teams Cheif Advisor.

Today, we have more coaching news; and this is a big one.

Just now during a press conference the West Texas Desert Hawks announced that former NAL Commissioner Chris Siegfried would be coming in to serve as head coach.

Chris Siegfried is the former head coach of the Arkansas Twisters of the now-defunct arenafootball2. He was also previously the offensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Sharks (2010) and Kansas City Brigade (2007) in the AFL.

Most recently he served as the Commissioner of the National Arena League (NAL).

If you were unaware, last season the West Texas franchise was in the NAL as the West Texas War Birds. With the move to the AFL, they are taking on a new identity to go along with the coaching update.

The AFL is slowly, but surely, putting all of the pieces together for their triumphent return in 2024. Today marks another step towards that massive goal.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted as more information on the upcoming AFL season comes to light.

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