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Week 4 XFL Ratings Are In — How Did They Fare?

Week 4 is in the books for the XFL, the games were exciting and we even saw another upset when the Vipers shut-out the DC Defenders. But… how did that equate to viewers? Thanks to Showbuzz Daily, we have the numbers. There was still a slight drop, but each broadcast drew over 1 Million viewers. Also, it’s important to state that the XFL out-drew the MLS broadcasts this weekend as well.

The first game of the weekend featuring the Los Angeles Wildcats and the New York Guardians drew 1.558 Million on ABC. The later game on FOX showcasing the Seattle Dragons and the St. Louis BattleHawks numbers went up to 1.802 Million viewers.

Kicking off the action on Sunday was the Texas Throwdown between the Houston Roughnecks and the Dallas Renegades. This was the most hyped game of the weekend and aired on FS1, drawing 1.113 Million viewers. Capping off the weekend we saw the biggest upset of the season when the Tampa Bay Vipers secured their first win, shutting out the DC Defenders. The game pulled in 1.030 Million viewers.

Overall, these are still great numbers. We had hoped that the league would sustain over 1 Million viewers each week and so far they have done so. Add the fact that they are beating out established sports leagues in viewership already and this far into the season is very good news.

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  1. These writers are really having to put a significant amount of spin on their articles now to continue to try to make these ratings drops look good. The league saw 65% fewer viewers for week 4 than it had for week 1. This is not sustainable. At this rate the rebooted XFL will see a higher decrease in average viewers from the first week to the final week than the original XFL had. A second season is really in doubt at this point as major networks are not going to want to carry a league that can’t show it can maintain an audience.

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