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Week 2 Ratings are in for XFL on FOX

Yesterday, we reported that the ratings sustained very well for the XFL’s week 2 games on ABC. Many had wondered about how the league fared on FOX; and more importantly what the impact would be of the late Sunday game being on FS1 due to the Daytona 500.

Thanks to @SportsTVRatings, we have a look at how the XFL did on FOX and FS1 this weekend.

Saturday, XFL on FOX beat out the earlier ABC broadcast by a slim margin, pulling in 2.324 Million viewers, compared to 2.146 in the earlier game. Sunday, as expected the numbers took a dip. As mentioned above, this is mainly impart because the late game was on FS1 with FOX airing the Daytona 500. Still, the league was able to pull in a respectable 1.359 Million viewers.

Overall, if I worked for the XFL I’d be very happy with these numbers. We’re still only two weeks into the season, but it seems the league has at least found a base that is more than willing to tune in each week. We’ll keep you posted throughout the season to give you the latest on television viewership.