Vince McMahon’s “Shake Up” on Monday Night RAW might see him retire and focus on the XFL

It was announced last night that Vince McMahon will return this Monday on RAW to “shake things up”, which has led many fans to wonder what he will announce.

Fire Baron Corbin? New General Manager? Draft?

Many are predicting that he will either fire Baron Corbin as RAW General Manager or a have WWE Draft, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it won’t be either of those and that McMahon will announce he is retiring from WWE and will focus on the new XFL. 

To begin with, I don’t think WWE would waste a Vince McMahon appearance, especially this time of year, just to fire Baron Corbin and announce a new RAW General Manager.

By Monday’s RAW, we will already know if Corbin is fired or not, and that can easily be done by RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. This also makes storyline sense as it was Stephanie who made the stipulation for the Strowman-Corbin match at TLC.  

Superstar Shakeup

While RAW could use a revamp on their roster, the timing isn’t right, as story lines for the new year and WrestleMania are about to begin.

The only moves that would make sense are moving around Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and/or Ronda Rousey since the three still have beef with one another. However, that can easily be done through the Royal Rumble match next month and I think fans would be underwhelmed if Mr. McMahon’s “huge shake-up” is just moving some people around.

Also, the only time a Superstar Shakeup makes sense, besides after WrestleMania, would be the first RAW of 2019. The next two RAW’s after this Monday fall on Christmas and New Year’s Eve respectively and those are usually poorly viewed episodes since viewers are spending time with family and friends. I don’t believe casuals would tune in just for a draft. 


While the XFL doesn’t begin until the beginning of 2020, one would think that preparations are going to begin sometime next year, which would most likely require Vince’s full attention. Even in his good health, focusing on two things at once at his age might be the best idea for him.

Everyone knows Vince McMahon hates failing and the XFL was a major failure the first time. One would think that he is going to put his full energy into making sure it doesn’t fail a second time. I can see him stepping away from WWE to put his full focus on the XFL.